"We achieve excellence responsibly."

-Pierce Alexander Lilholt (CEO - Lilholt Technology Solutions)

Lilholt Technology Solutions LLC is an international information technology and software development company specializing in mobile-first development. Lilholt Technology Solutions (LTS) is an internationally diversified technology company represented by diverse brands and globally recognized corporate subdivisions.

LTS embodies the Danish design philosophy, “Form follows function.”, and works with subdivisions, brands, and development partners to create software which is first and foremost, functional. The LTS subdivision, Design Service Group (DSG), ensures that the impressive functionality is complimented by beautiful designs to enhance the user experience.

The LTS subdivision responsible for software development and distribution is Nakamisu. Nakamisu develops software for smartphones, tablets, and leading mobile devices across most major operating systems and web browsers to allow for maximum audience and consumer download potential. Nakamisu distributes content exclusively in downloadable formats in order to reduce the carbon footprint for production.

Nakamisu and Lilholt Technology Solutions are dedicated to sustainable information technology development. LTS encourages environmental consciousness in the technology community in order to combat the need for to replace obsolete technologies. Technological waste is minimized or circumvented by Lilholt Technology Solutions’ Cradle To Cradle design and development strategies. When LTS is involved, the evolution of products never includes obsolescence.